Successful integration of foreign specialists into your company stands and falls with language skills and knowledge of cultural standards. We teach your employees more than just the language: we also deal with the respective company culture, values and customs and train the correct behavior with customers and business partners.

Language skills increase productivity and efficiency. As a modern company, you can save a lot of money if you invest in language training for your employees. Daily communication by email and telephone will be easy for your employees, they will avoid linguistic misunderstandings and score points in negotiations.
Persuasive rhetoric is the key to success in negotiations. We train your employees to communicate clearly and comprehensibly and impart the necessary cultural knowledge so that they are on the same wavelength as their business partners.

What is our tailor-made program? we will work with you to develop the optimal training plan for your employees with our free needs analysis. Talk to us or get an overview of our existing business German and English courses and our course formats in advance. In principle, all our courses can be booked as individual or group courses.