The way to a German university can be done via Primus Fremdsprachen Nürnberg.
You can choose between several options.


You can do a classical university degree or complete a subject-specific study at the University of Applied Sciences. FAU and TH Nuremberg are both state institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany or a dual study.

Furthermore, you can link theory and practice closely. This option is offered by the TH Nürnberg as well as the Paracelsus Medical Private University in Nuremberg.

In equal parts, the study contents are taught at the iba and iubh in Nuremberg in the form of lectures as well as by practical application in a company. It is a so-called dual study.

You can choose between the following options:

  1. University (e.g. FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
  2. University of Applied Sciences (e.g. TH Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm
  3. Private University (z.B. Paracelsus Medical Private University
  4. Dual study (e.g. iba and iubh

How do I apply to a university?

There is an application for admission to study for international applicants with foreign qualifications.

You can download the form from the Uni / HS page of your choice: (e.g.

The university / university also determines the registration procedure: until when and where must the application be made: directly at the university / HS, via UniAssist ( or via anabin (

How long does a study take?

Depending on whether you are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree, your studies can take between 3 and 5 years, not including license and doctorate. The bachelor is usually 6 semesters and the master 4 semesters.

Which costs are incurred?

The state universities and colleges pay a student union fee of 116 euros per semester. This includes 74 euros for the semester ticket, which ensures your mobility in the region.

The tuition fees at private universities vary from 550 euros per semester at iba (the amount will be covered by the practice) and 15,000 euros per academic year at the Paracelsus Private Medical University (financing through the University possible).

Health insurance

It is possible for Klemmer Assekuranz to take out a so-called student insurance. Cost per month about 40 euros. We would like to help you.


We can help you find a room in a shared apartment or a dorm. The cost per month is about 320 euros to 500 euros.


These costs are in your own hands. You can buy cheap at Aldi or Norma or in health food stores. With 100 euros you will certainly get along.

Other ways

How can I finance my studies?

Own resources

If you come with a visa you need proof that you can finance your living. You can open a blocked account for this.

Parents support

If you are lucky, your parents can provide you with money each month for your stay in Germany


Counseling centers at the university / HS


Info here:

How do I find accommodation?

There are certain services from universities that offer additional help in finding accommodation. Mostly this is linked to an enrollment. If you are still attending preparatory courses for studies such as our primus study college, we are also happy to help you with our close relationships with local offers in arranging a shared flat.

Which requirements for access must be met?

You need the proof of university entrance qualification of your country, recognized in Germany, and a German university entrance qualification obtained in Germany in the form of a passed C1 university examination or DSH examination. In preparation for the FSP you have the opportunity to attend a state or private study college.

My degree is not recognized, what now?

In this case, you can attend a study college. The study college prepares for the assessment test (FSP). A passed FSP entitles you to study at a university or university. Further information about the study college can be found here.

Which visa do I need?

Applicants need a national visa. The application is made via the embassy in your country.