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A1 german course

A1 German Super intensive Visa

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This German course prepares you for official certified TELC exams or school internal final exams A1.

Here you will reach level A1.

You can expect a very varied course in which all contents of level A1 are taught very dynamically. You will feel comfortable from the first week of class and learn the language in a friendly and lively atmosphere.

At the beginning, learning a foreign language can be difficult, but the teacher relies on certain methods that make learning easier for you. So do not be afraid! With the help of gestures, facial expressions, humor and expertise you will learn the basic vocabulary and grammar and you will be able to use it all in class. You will have enough time to internalize all the content. Posters and tables in the classroom will give you the opportunity to become familiar with the German language immediately and with ease. The teacher will also make sure that your pronunciation is very clear to make it easier to understand. She is also always there to support and motivate you.

Missed the start of the course? No problem! You don’t have to wait until the next start date. There is also the possibility to join the A1.2 course if you already have some previous knowledge of A1.1.

Required material:

The following materials are used in the course, which you can purchase here:





8 weeks




at least 5


telc German A1


  • I can understand when someone introduces themselves or says hello or goodbye to me..
  • In the supermarket, I can understand when someone tells me where the cans of peas are.
  • Understanding a planned meeting and the meeting place and time
  • I can write text messages, understand registration forms or computer commands such as “save”, “open”, etc.
  • I can ask simple questions, I can have a simple conversation, I can say what I like and what I don’t like, introduce myself, talk about other people and, for example, my home town. I can react to news.
  • I can write simple sentences, e.g. text messages or a short email.
  • Daily transfer or practice phases (inside and outside school) to actively apply what has been learned.

Fokus: Input, clear German pronunciation, learn 20 verbs per week, write correctly, learn from teacher

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