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A2 german course

A2 German Super Intensive Visa

A language course for students who have still a little knowledge of the German language.

A later start is possible if your knowledge meets the group’s level.

This German course prepares for the official certified TELC exams or school-internal final A2 exams.

At level A2 you will essentially learn to understand short, clear and simple messages and to read short and simple texts, for example in advertisements and personal letters. The basis of grammar and vocabulary is expanded so that you can use a series of sentences to make yourself understood in simple everyday situations.

Very often in class, the teacher uses pictures to help you learn new vocabulary and understand grammar more easily. With pictures it is easier to expand your vocabulary and then use it in the course. The explanations are always pragmatic, concrete and targeted: They allow the participants to understand a new topic immediately.

The teacher clarifies the topics and goals of the lesson at the beginning of the day so that everyone can get an impression of the program.

Missed the start of the course? No problem! You don’t have to wait until the next start date. There is also the possibility to join the A2.2 course if you already have some previous knowledge of A2.1.

Course-related books:

Im Kurs werden folgende Materialien verwendet, die Sie hier erwerben können:




8 weeks


990 €


at least 5

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