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All our evening courses from A1 – C1 can also be attended online.

Compact course for level B1 (Package A/ Package B/ Package C/ Package D/ Package E/ Package F).

A course for professionals and students who want to bring their German to a very good level. Here they have the opportunity to compensate for individual weaknesses, refine their vocabulary even more and improve their ability to express themselves.

The evening courses are for people who are working here in Germany, doing an apprenticeship or, for example, studying for a Master’s degree in English, but who would still like to learn German at a good level on the side. The telc final examination is also possible here. The evening course takes place 2 evenings per week.

The complete level B1 consists of 6 packages of 4 weeks each. (Total duration: 24 weeks). The course has 5.25 teaching units (UE) per week.

SPECIAL: If you book and pay for all 6 packages in advance, you will receive a 100 € discount. One package costs 225€.

You do not have to book all 6 packages, but can also attend only individual packages.

Teaching times: Monday and Wednesday from 18.00 – 20.00.


Afterwards, a telc Deutsch B1 examination is possible with us. Registration is required for this, it is not included in this offer and must be booked separately.
Click here for more information about the telc B1 exam.

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Deutsch B1


ab 225 €


mind. 3


The following materials are used in the course, which you can purchase here:

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