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B2 german course

B2 German Super Intensive VISA

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Price adjustments from January 1st, 2023

If you book by December 15th, 2022 at the latest, you are guaranteed to still get the old price, even if your courses do not start until 2023.


You would like to attend a B2 course and would like to know what to expect?

This super intensive course is specially designed for learners who

  1. need a course with 18h (24 TUs) for the visa or
  2. want to attend additional units for conversation and vocabulary

The complete level B2 consists of 4 modules of 4 weeks each. (Total duration: 16 weeks).

Monday to Wednesday you will learn the B2-relevant topics and grammar content, Thursday is intended for telc exam preparation and Friday is conversation day with vocabulary.

All B2-relevant chapters are covered in 16 weeks. DSH, test DaF, preparatory college and telc preparation included.

The level B2  will deepen your grammatical knowledge that you acquired in the basic levels A1-B1 and expand your vocabulary to a large extent and in various areas of everyday life as well as professional life.

This course is for everyone who wants to learn German thoroughly and in the shortest possible time. The course prepares you for professional life and for entrance exams to university and preparatory college.

What knowledge and skills do you get in a B2 course at primus fremdsprachen?

  • Excellent speaking and writing skills on various topics of everyday and professional life
  • Consolidation of oral expression for presentations, lectures, discussions, problem solving
  • Expansion of the written expression for various subject areas such as applications, complaints, requests for information, etc.
  • Training in reading comprehension for complex content and long texts
  • intensive training in listening comprehension on global issues
  • Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression are based on the telc B2 exam questions

Grammar e.g .:

o Passive / passive offset forms

o Verbalization / nominalization

o Noun-verb connections

o Participle constructions

o Indirect speech and much more.


Deutsch B2


16 Weeks


1980 €/ , 465 € per month when booking 16 weeks


at least 3


telc Deutsch B2

465 € per month when booking 16 weeks

Bei uns können Sie auch Ihre telc-Prüfung ablegen. Melden Sie sich rechtzeitig an!

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