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B2 독일어 강좌

B2 German preparation for the telc exam

You will be specifically prepared for the requirements of the telc Deutsch B2 test. Grammatical structures, writing a letter as well as reading and listening comprehension are practiced.

A package consists of 4 dates. During these 4 weeks, all parts of the exam are practiced intensively. Entry is possible every Thursday.

Important: It is best to register for the telc Deutsch B2 exam right at the start of the course. This will save you the late entry fees!


German B2

기간 / 주

4 weeks

가격 / 유로

195 € for total booking / individual booking 30 €


at least 3


telc Deutsch B2

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실시간 지원

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우리 팀은 월요일부터 목요일까지 오전 9 시부 터 오후 5 시까 지, 금요일 오전 9 시부 터 오후 2 시까 지 (유럽 / 베를린 표준 시간대)

월요일~목요일: 오전 9:00~오후 5시, 금요일: 오전 9시부터 오후 2시까지(유럽/베를린 시간대)