What is the Studienkolleg at Primus in Nuremberg?

by Gyovanna Monreal

Have you passed your secondary school-leaving requirement at a non-EU school, but realized soon after that your certificate was not considered valid by German universities? If so, then enrolling in the Studienkolleg here at Primus could be your ticket to studying at a German university! Read more to find out about the Studienkolleg and the benefits of enrolling here at Primus Fremdsprachen.

What is the Studienkolleg? 

The Studienkolleg (study college) is a compilation of college preparatory courses to help international students who are interested in studying in Germany but do not have the proper qualifications to meet the German education system’s standards. This qualification is earned via an assessment test at the end of the study college course, known as the FSP test. The preparation usually lasts around one year, during which students learn around 4-5 subjects within their desired course program (T-, M-, W-, or S-Course), which is taught in German.


Students are required to take the FSP Assessment Test in order to enroll at a German university. The FSP is also known as the “Examination to determine the suitability of foreign applicants for admission to higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany.” This must be taken by all foreign applicants if the university entrance qualification from their home country is not equivalent to the German Abitur and no direct access to a university is possible. Once students have passed this exam, they can study at any university in Germany. 


It is important to note that the study college is not a method of direct enrollment into a university. Rather, students must apply at the college or university just like everyone else and will undergo a regular application process. That applies to every Studienkolleg in Germany – whether state or private.


What Studienkolleg courses does Primus offer?

Beginning this Winter Semester (from 30.9.2019 to 29.5.2020), Primus will offer all of the following courses (see below) in accordance with the German Studienkolleg. Each of these courses consists of B2 Business-level German training, with an emphasis on technical language skills (depending on which course a student chooses) to enhance your student profile:


  • T-Course (seats still available!): Technology, Mathematics, and Science Courses
    • German, Mathematics, Physics, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering
    • Students can apply to the following universities (located in Bavaria) after their course: 
      • Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (nat.fau.de)
      • Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm (th-nuernberg.eu)


  • M-Course: Medicine, Biology, or Pharmacy
    • German, Latin/Greek, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics
    • Students can apply to the following universities (located in Bavaria) after their course:


  • W-Course (seats still available): Business and Social Sciences
    • German, Mathematics, English, Business Administration, Social Studies
    • Students can apply to the following universities (located in Bavaria) after their course:


Not quite ready to take the Studienkolleg because of your German level? Or, are you looking to improve other technical skills before the start date? Visit our website to enroll in a Studienkolleg preparatory course before enrolling in one of our main study college courses.


Why take the Studienkolleg at Primus in Nuremberg?

At Primus, students will encounter an unparalleled experience that they won’t find at any other study college in Germany. As a private study college, Primus offers several benefits that compensate for the cost of our courses. Primus students have smaller classes, extensive teaching/mentoring experience, and a tight-knit student community. Teachers here care deeply about our students and invest more than just class time to ensure student success. Our Primus study college staff offer one-on-one advice for any student questions and concerns, and they are always happy to help.


Our courses consist of morning and evening classes at roughly 28-32 hours per week. Unlike other schools, Primus ensures easy enrollment because we do not have strict restrictions based on student grade point average or quotas for student capacity. We also allow students to join our courses at a later date if they are unable to make the enrollment deadline. Joining late after finishing one of our preparatory courses? Primus provides late-comers summaries of previously covered material so that they won’t fall behind in their selected course. We care about our students, and always go the extra mile to set them up for success.

Students will not only learn with us in their selected course but will also experience living in Nuremberg- one of the most historic, beautiful cities in Germany. Located in the heart of Franconia, Primus offers endless activities not only at our college but all around the city of Nuremberg. From student sightseeing opportunities to excursions at nearby museums, city events, and other popular locations- Primus ensures a strong connection between our students and teachers. Another huge benefit of studying here in Nuremberg is that immediately after your study college course, you’ll be in the perfect location for several prestigious universities nestled right here in Bavaria. Our college staff can suggest several different university options, from Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) to Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität-Nuremberg- depending on your course and preferences.


Ready to learn more? Contact us by emailing info@primus-fremdsprachen.de or visiting the Studienkolleg page of the Primus website to find out more about our Studienkolleg courses and enroll now!