Why Should You Learn German at Primus Fremdsprachen?

by Gyovanna Monreal

Flur zum Behaim- und Morlock-Raum

This week we’re looking into why students decided to take German classes at Primus. What are some of the main reasons students like studying at primus fremdsprachen? What makes our language school stand out among others here in Nuremberg? Read more to find out!


The first question we asked students was why they chose to study at primus fremdsprachen in Nuremberg. Many of our students require an intensive course and are also hoping to prepare for the TELC exam – something we offer exclusively to our students. Test preparation is often an integral part of learning German, and of course, without this, students are much less likely to pass their exams. Thus, we offer many options for meeting either during or outside of regular classroom hours to ensure our students are as prepared as possible.


Location was another reason students choose to study with us. Students especially liked that the location “is super centric and there’s always something to do in the surroundings” and that “it’s near the city center so after class I could meet with friends and continue to practice my German.” In terms of living in Nuremberg, Camila (C1 level German) was very happy to be in a larger city – “Comparing to my experience when living in a small city back in 2014, I simply love it here. I have friends and I’m always looking for something new to do.” Patti (B2 level German) said Nuremberg is “Not too modern and not too rural, it’s perfect.” You can read more on why Nuremberg is the best to study German in our recent blog post here.


Many of our new students also mentioned that they were referred to attend primus fremdsprachen via word-of-mouth. Having a high recommendation from previous students is proof that our language school is the best choice you can make when deciding to learn German in Nuremberg. In fact, the majority of our reviews from students are incredibly positive.


Next, we asked our students what they like most about primus fremdsprachen. Here are a few quotes from our students on what they find the best about our school:

“The friendly atmosphere and the chance we have to enjoy different activities with our classmates and teachers.” – Camila, C1 level

“I liked how everyone at Primus was very nice and helpful.” – Mireille, B1 level

“At Primus, I can get lots of practice and material.” – Patti, B2 level


Overall, our students are very happy with making the decision to study at primus fremdsprachen. This is particularly because we have a range of phenomenal instructors who are “super reachable and friendly,” “very nice and also helpful when you have a question or went to the wrong classroom,” and “they have a lot of experience.” Classes at Primus are known to be “dynamic,” flexible, and highly educational in helping students achieve their ideal German level before the end of their course. In fact, one student mentioned that “Teachers are willing to help us with our problems in class, and sometimes in our life (help us with German letters or documents)” outside of school (Patti, B2). Our classrooms are mostly large, “well-illuminated,” and always kept neat and clean for our students.


Some of the things our students learned from studying at Primus are:

“How to communicate with Germans, I’ve also learned a lot from German culture.” – Camila, C1 level

“It has helped me better communicate with my German friends and meet new friends from all over.” – Mireille, B1 level

“I learned much about German, and also [met] a lot of nice classmates.” – Patti, B2 level


Finally, we asked our students why they chose to study at Primus over other language schools. Aside from having excellent facilities, a perfect location, and wonderful teachers, Primus offers the chance of building lasting relationships with teachers and students that are unlike any other school. Our school is highly recommended by other teachers- always providing our students with the highest quality learning materials.


Want to hear more about why our students love Primus? Watch the video below – and let us know what questions you have about primus fremdsprachen by emailing us at info@primus-fremdsprachen.de and check out our upcoming German classes here.